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              We are a company of advertisements on the Internet; we receive and design all kinds of advertisements and email them to a list  all over Israel -              
              Spanish and Hebrew speaking people ( we also have contacts abroad ).

              In addition, we are part of the FACEBOOK social network where we have THREE accounts: a user and group account

              Our service are:

              We receive the advertisement and we send it to this database then to our Facebook.

              We desing the ad according to your needs,we send it to our contacts and then we add it in our Facebook. Web pages, videos, links, emails, etc.,  can be added.

              We have been advertising: events, information, cultural activities, shows, conferences, promotions, travel deals, staff search, etc.........

              SPECIAL PROMOTIONS!!!

              For more information contact: ka.ro.publicidades@gmail.com or call us at: 050-439-7290.

             We know that today advertising is very necessary. Advertising on the Internet, unlike traditional advertising, present a bi-directional communications, because the
             receiver can easily communicate with the advertiser, through electronic mail; we can also access to more information  about a product or service offered.

             Simply click on the ad and enter the web site of the advertiser. Don't wait for the next magazine, journal, newsletter publication; don't leave your house; receive the
             advert directly to your computer.

             Advertising on the Internet allows to have designs in all colors, in different sizes as well  as original logos with high resolutions.

             Online adverts, unlike the traditional (on paper) ones, can be quickly and easily modified as well as the way the message is delivered.

             For example, if we see that the advertising campaign is not as succesful as expected, we may edit or change our ads quickly, we can make schedule changes,
             we can add information about available last few places on  a trip or show, weekly, offers, and much more ...... and inmediately inform about those changes.

             This is how we work.